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2017-02-06 Access to via SSL
Access to the idosec website is now complete via SSL encryption.

2017-01-31 License plate recognition directly on the camera!
As of now, we optionally provide the license plate recognition software as a bundle directly on the camera with our Axis IP cameras. No further hardware / software is required for identification and authorization, which makes it a cost-effective solution.

2016-04-01 Restructuring completed
After a complete restructuring, the idosec AG again refocus on its core businesses such as software development, special hardware development, administration and camera surveillance.

2016-02-19 Headquarters relocation completed
The relocation of corporate headquarters from Miesbach to Grafenau is now complete. As a result, the HRB number changed from HRB150971 to HRB9673 . The administration is therefore now in Grafenau.
Our foreign offices in the regions Munich, Miesbach Rosenheim will remain, to seamlessly support our customers in these regions.

2015-12-11 New management
Mr. Robert Lechner, former CTO of idosec AG, takes over with immediate effect as President & CEO. Ms. Thuy-Ai Lechner takes over the position of chairman of the supervisory board.

2014-09-09 idosec expands product portfolio with the new terminal idoTERM
Because of the high demand idosec continued the development of its own terminals and added a new model in the product portfolio. The new product idoTERM is again based on a Raspberry Pi with Linux OS. A variety of applications are possible due to the open platform, the temperature / dust-resistance and the orderable hardware options.

2013-03-31 idosec expands product portfolio with its own RFID Terminal
After a longer development time, now the new model is completed our own RFID terminal is immediately available. The product is based on a Raspberry Pi and it is open for a variety of applications. More information at Products / Barcode RFID.

2012-01-01 idosec expands the team
We are pleased to welcome to our new team member Roman Meckler. We wish Mr. Meckler a good start!

2011-05-20 idoSPAM further on success
The idosec AG, a manufacturer of standard-based software solutions, convince with its anti spam solution - idoSPAM - the Kistler Neue Energie GmbH, a leading Bavarian solar systems provider.

2011-05-18 idoBASE: Software must adapt to the company and not the company to the software!
According to a recent study, only 20 percent of all business-critical processes are processed through software solutions from the IT departments. Due to popular ERP programs represent only standard processes but nowerdays processes change much faster the IT departments stumble or run out of costs. The departments then simply cover the processes in workplace solutions such as Excel and Access. This sprawl is becoming more and more unmanageable for the company's leadership and resulted in a significant amount of hidden costs! The solution: idoBASE!

2011-03-31 idosec AG is Rittal partner for mini data center! 
The idosec AG completes its expertise in the data center environment with the partner agreement with Rittal, a global leader in data center equipment.

2011-03-22 idoBASE with full Google chrome support
Now, all features are supported in idoBASE with the browser Google chrome. The compatibility to Mozilla Firefox was also extended to the same extent.

2011-03-25 Hotkey programming saves time 
The BMW Niederlassung Munich, the largest car dealership of BMW AG worldwide, automate routine tasks with idosec.

2011-03-03 idosec AG: to new shores 
idosec AG takes over all business activities of idosec GbR.

2011-01-21 "Hot keys" help save money 
HOTKEYs - which means save at your fingertips and our customers to save precious Resourcsen.

2011-01-11 With individual software to the success 
New customers, new projects and new software developments result in sum a 25% increase in sales for the idosec AG.

2010-12-08 idosec partnership with multimatic Edelstrom 
As the perfect complement of our expertise in the area of data center facilities we are since 01. December multimatic product line Edelstrom partner. For over 25 years, multimatic experts in uninterruptible power supplys.

2010-10-01 idoSPAM success-story 
The idosec AG, a manufacturer of standard-based software solutions, wins more and more satisfied customers with their anti-spam solution: idoSPAM

2010-10-01 idoSPAM continue success story
idoSPAM, the idosec anti-spam solution with its innovative approach achieve against competitive products. We are pleased offer today two success stories from satisfied customers.

2010-07-05 idoBASE extends manageability of pictures
With the new version 3.35 of idoBASE the possibility to manage pictures is implemented. The new feature work together with the browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google chrome of course as usual. The management is integrated in the basic module and therefore very flexible.

2010-07-05 idoSPAM new policy
A further improvement of idoSPAM increased deliverability from large providers. The new rule checks whether the provider has a good reputation and allows faster delivery of unknown domains that come across large providers.

2010-06-14 idoSPAM new policy
From now on a new policy to prefer known senders is active. This rule allows relaying no matter if the sender server is listed on an black list or not. Also known sender do not again have to pass through the rule base.

2010-03-15 idoBASE now with integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor
With the new Version 3.30 idoBASE gets a fully integrated WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet HTML editor. Text formatting and for example tables now in defined fields possible.

2010-03-01 Improved protection with idoSPAM
Additional rules are now active to better protect our customers from SPAM.

2010-01-29 NDR: Massive security breach on radio surveillance cameras
A research of TV show "Niedersachsen 19.30 das Magazin" und der ARD Tagesthemen discovers massive security holes with commercially and private radio surveillance cameras. The idosec AG recommends therefore exclusively digital surveillance systems.

2010-01-01 idosec enlarged the team
We are pleased that we could win Juliane Pätzold to the 01.01.2010 for our team! Mrs Pätzold assumes the position as Assistant to the Executive Board. The entire team wishes Mrs Pätzold a good start!

2009-11-06 Election of Chairman of the Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board has elected unanimously the Chairman Mr Anton Wildmoser.

2009-07-16 Partner day with CBO
CBO and idosec are presenting innovativ solutions in the CBO office, Schliersee

2009-07-01 idoBASE: full text search in select fields
Each select box can now be reduced to essential items based on a full-text search.

2009-03-02 idoBASE: shortcuts between all objects
Now it is possible to create a shortcut between all objects and files in idoBASE.

2009-02-06 idoSPAM Registrar Blacklist
Since it occurs ever more frequently that Spam senders register official Domains we have developed a new module.
The owners of the Domains are placed on our Blacklist and will be blocked.
For repeat offender we will inform the public prosecutor's office.

2008-11-19 idoSPAM Greylist switched off
More than five years ago idosec already started with idoSPAM and implemented one of the few SPAM protection manufacturers with Greylist mechanism. This mechanism provided very good services and had protected us of millions of SPAM mails.
Unfortunately the SPAM senders adjusted themselves now completely to this mechanism. Therefore we decided us to switch off the the Greylist mechanism.
idosec developed its own policy for segregating unwanted messages therefore the Greylist is no longer necessary.

2008-11-10 idoSPAM performance improvement
Today we enabled a new version for our SPAM-protection with the same protection but much better performance.

2008-10-16 idoSCALE Multilanguage
The new version of idoSCALE supports now completely multi language. Currently are English and German available, other languages on request.

2008-10-15 idoSPAM Untrusted Sender Authentication
Today we activated the totally redesigned version of the Sender Authentication. Sender, which are blocked due to the SPAM-Protection-System could not verify them, can be activated directly by the Recipient.

2008-10-06 idoBASE v3.25 released
The new version of idoBASE is released. Not only the optical design is refreshed, also a lot of optimizations are implemented in this version jump.

2008-09-23 Opening party of additional office space
With a small party we opened officially our new office.
In addition to Franz Mayer, GWM Executive Board, and Jochen Mergner, Executive Board of trade association, was also the mayor of Miesbach Ingrid Pongratz from the range of our international activities very impressed. 'I wish the idosec AG all the best for the future and am pleased that an innovative company will be faithful to our city' said Ingrid Pongratz.

2008-09-10 idoSPAM performance improvements
idoSPAM got some performance improvements to accept more connections from "good" senders.

2008-08-01 Movement to the additional office space
The movement in the additional offices in the Schuetzenstrasse is complete.

2008-07-16 idoBASE JavaScript SQL expansion
From now on a SQL GET function can be deposited with the development environment idoBASE for each field. The data based in the HTML code can be processed with Javascript.

2008-06-17 idoSPAM Enhanced SPAM-Protection
Due to the SPAMer learnd a bit about SPAM-Protection-Systems we had to activate the next step of our Spam protection. In addition we made some optimizations on the policy.

2008-03-16 idoBASE supports JavaScript
From now on the development environment idoBASE supports JavaScript funktions for each field. Now it is easy to immediate validate the input without big effort.

2008-06-05 idoCAM mobiles rental business equipment
For existing and future customers of our software in combination with the Mobotix hardware can have a mobile rental business equipment with touch screen to test the environment.
The equipment can serve for short term monitorings or simply only as test environment.

2008-06-10 Group exhibit Automatica
Together with the company Schweiger GmbH the idosec AG presents its software products.

2008-06-01 New sales employee
We are pleased that we could win Claus Huttner for our team. Since first of June he strengthens our sales team. The entire team wishes him a good start!

2008-05-16 ELDO protocol client ordered
idosec receives an order to the replacement of the printers at a ELDO control. The printers give up due to the dust formation after approximately 6 month.
With our solution load protocols are written directly on a SSD in a industry PC and can be fetched by HTTP/S and processed further.
Automated transmission over the network is also possible however did not order it.

2008-05-01 idoSPAM more improved
Well-known SCAM Domains taken up in the idosec black-list thereby our customers by potential SCAMer not to be disturbed.

2008-04-16 idoCAM first version approved
Finally we finished our first software-Version of idoCAM and released it for our customers. Our software is certain on simplest operation for the users.

2008-04-04 idoSPAM improved
Well-known Domains on our hosted systems added to our own black-list for a better protection of our customer domains.

2008-03-17 idoBASE receives INNOVATIONSPREIS 2008
Our product "idoBASE" receives one of few honors in the category "Open Source". Over 1600 applications were submitted. idoBASE already was within the category under the first 10!

2008-03-03 idoBASE lernt PDF
From now on the development environment idoBASE can create PDF files with with less effort.

2008-02-25 idoSPAM sender detection improved
with much new functions the detection of good senders is now improved. Some functions are whois-query, SPF-analysis and statistical analysis.

2008-01-01 idoSPAM receives top grades from customers and press
The customers are the best recommendation. Our anti-Spam solution "idoSPAM" is outstanding evaluated both by customers and by the press.

2007-10-25 SYSTEMS presentation from the chairman of the board
The presentation from the chairman of the the board improved the ambiance of the business styled SYSTEMS environment.

2007-08-08 idoSPAM Sender Authentication
If a sender, due to the rule set is rejected by the SPAM protective system, the sender gets the possibility to authenticate itself. Over a thought out system the sender can the receiver uniquely send a message. The receiver can on this way independently decide whether he would like receive from the sender further messages or not. This mechanism is for the first time introduced on SYSTEMS 2007 in Munich at 2007-10-25.

2007-07-30 SPAMer uses the domain
Since 17:46 Spam messages with the E-Mail domain are dispatched from bot nets. NOTE: this messages are faked! We regret that, however we can unfortunately nothing dor against it. You can protect yourself with our product idoSPAM against this kind of faked messages!

2007-06-13 Opening idoBASE for developer
Immediately developer can receive the Web-based data base and development tool idoBASE.

2007-05-21 idoSPAM test installation for Bayerischen Asphalt-Mischwerken
After many bad experiences with other products the BAM decides for a test installation of the SPAM protection solution from the idosec AG.

2007-05-02 Süd-Chemie AG Self Service Portal
Süd-Chemie AG in Munich decides for the LDAP based Self Service Portal by idosec AG. Automated ticket production for an ADS environment makes the care and administration of directory services simply simple. It is based on simple Sign on, naturally!

2007-05-06 Industry PCs und Displays from Schweiger
The idosec AG products are extended by the industry PC series of the company Schweiger is taken up. All with idoBASE developed products are delivered immediately optionally as Applience solution.

2007-04-04 Restructuring idosec AG finished
idosec AG organized itself and the product range restrukturiert. An important step around idosec AG for the future is created thereby! Thank you for the support and indulgence of our customers in a difficult phase.

2007-04-01 idoSPAM for CS CLEAN SYSTEMS
After a short test phase CS CLEAN SYSTEM decides to use the Spam protection by idosec AG.

2007-04-01 SPAMwall becomes idoSPAM
A new name and many new protective mechanisms. The again strengthened, policy based protective mechanism of the SPAM protection solution receives a worthy name.

2007-03-28 Logictic center at A. Schweiter GmbH
Starting from 2007-04-01 the company A. Schweiger GmbH take over the logistics center of the idosec AG. The response time in all interests is increased by this measure significantly for the customers of the idosec AG. We thank Mr. Schweiger for the rapid conversion of this agreement.

2006-12-20 Start reorganization of the idosec AG
Products and structure of the incorporated formed delivery versus payment.

2006-12-07 Network design for Alantum (INCO)
idosec makes the network redesign on VPN accomplishes technology of all German locations in close coordination with the internal IT in Toronto.

2006-11-20.11 PVS idoSCALE
idosec receives the tender accept for the realization of the scale data acquisition for PVS Chemicals in Kelheim.

2006-07-08 Network operations for Rockwood
Rockwood trusts about network operations and network planning on idosec.

2006-06-02 SCAG idoSCALE
idosec receives the tender accept for the realization of the scale data acquisition with Süd-Chemie AG in Moosburg and Gammelsdorf.

2006-06-15 SLO-Summer Fair 2006
In the Reval Hotel Lithuania (Vilnius) presents idosec their products on the SLO-Summer-fair.

2006-06-11 Cooperation with Lenel
The idosec product range is extended by the Lenel products. Our employees were trained in Oslo over the entire product range by Lenel.

2006-06-06 Cooperation with Lampertz
The product range from idosec is extended by the Lampertz products.
Thank you for the informative day in the Lampertz factory in Hof!

2006-02-25 idosec and Fumo Communications at the infobiz'06 in Kuwait
idosec and Fumo Communications present of 25.02.2006 to 28.02.2006 IT Secruity products in Kuwait.
From 2006-02-25 to 2006-02-28 idosec and Fumo Communications presenting IT Secruity products in Kuwait.

2006-02-10 HSE24 selected idoCAM
HSE (Home Shopping Europe) decides to secure their business buildings with a video monitoring devices from idosec.

2005-09-25 idosec and Fumo Communications at the GITEX in Dubai
From 2005-09-25 to 2005-09-29 idosec and Fumo Communications presenting IT Secruity products in Dubai.

2005-08-16 SPAMwall - Implementation ClamAV Virus-Scanner
After implementation of the virus scanner ClamAV into the SPAMwall around 16:03 the first virus "VIRUS:Worm.SomeFool.P" was successfully blocked.

2005-06-01 First General Meeting - Gruppo Fumo International
First meeting of the GFI for the information exchange of the group. 2005-07-06 to 2005-07-10 Angsana Resort, Ihuru Iceland, Maldeives.

2005-05-02 FiFa - Sober worm is successfully blocked by idosec SPAM barrier
Before the manufacturers of virus scanners had an update of the virus signatures idosec blocked with the SPAM barrier the parasit without available complex investigations to employ to have! Our SPAM barrier customers are inspired!

2005-03-31 Partnership with Fumo, Italy
By the partnership with Fumo in Italy idosec extends the passive product range. In addition an international outlet is developed.

2004-08-25 idosec at the SYSTEMS 2004
Together with partners like the fair Munich and eSeSIX idosec presents, from 2004-10-18 to 2004-10-22 (daily from 9:00 to 18:00) at the MUSTERFIRMA on the SYSTEMS (B2.605), security systems for small and medium-size enterprises.

2004-06-25 Start of co-operation with Sondereinheit
For the extension of professional services idosec established a partnership with the Sondereinheit Gbr. This partnership extends the Porfolio of idosec by Multimedia, Web over print up to the audio range.

2004-06-24 Presentation Managed Security in Hanover
idosec presents the SMP Managed Security solution for small and medium business on the Internet Service Porvider fair in Hanover. We thank you for the friendly support of the SMB range checkpoint.

2004-06-24 Order for service within the network range by Siemens AG
The Siemens AG assigns the first order on idosec within the range network management with Cisco components.

2004-05-13 Basic agreement mit ABB
idosec work contract with ABB locks and takes over first project of a IP-BASED video monitoring device.

2004-05-04 Installation of Checkpoint/Sofaware SMP 4.5
Test installation Sofaware Management Portals v4.5, expected in the autumn 2004 available. As server operating system Windows is already used 2003 standard with Active directory.

2004-03-23 idosec renews partnership with GeNUA
By annual participation of idosec employees at the refresher courses with GeNUA it is guaranteed that idosec for all GeNUA products can offer a professional service.

2004-03-15 idosec receives first order from France
idosec receives an order for a domain migration, within the range Windows 2000 Active directory to accomplish in France.

2004-01-21 Minister attendance from Vietnam
Delegation of Vietnam Ministers visits German companies and Bavarian federal state parliament. idosec was represented by by Fritz Zweifel.

2004-01-14 IT-Service for Kistler-Elektrotechnik
idosec overtakes the entire IT support of the company Kistler-Elektrotechnik GmbH, the specialist for Photovoltaik!

2004-01-01 Start partnership with ITCC
By this partnership idosec receives a portfolio extension within the range of passive infrastructures, knowledge management, computing centre security and can additionally to a test laboratory for EMV appraisals fall back. The IT Competencecenter is formed!

2003-11-05 idosec certifies their employees
idosec certifies itself to the network Sales professional with HP. Thus competent consultation for the HP network components becomes possible.

2003-11-03 idosec certifies their employees
First employee certifies himself for the Checkpoint Security of products. Congratulations and thank you for the engagement.

2003-11-01 Establishment of the incorporate (AG)
The establishment of the incorporate (AG) is finished.

2003-07-30 CheckPoint-Partner
idosec trains his employees within the range of VPN-1 and receives the checkpoint partner status.

2003-07-08 Network administration at Süd-Chemie AG
Süd-Chemie falls back to the IT authority of idosec and hands the entire network support of the German locations over to the hand of the idosec team. Süd-Chemie is specialist in the range Bentonite and catalysts for the chemical industry.

2002-10-28 Service contract with ETC
idosec concludes the first service contract for all German locations with ETC. (Elektronic Theatra Controls). ETC bank on the IT Competence and the international experience from idosec! ETC - The specialist for professional lighting systems within the range studio and theatre lighting.

2002-10-01 idosec is born!
The establishment of the company idosec GbR is finished.

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